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The books "My Job is a Healer".


I am just a regular old country guy. Like many other people, I am far from perfect, and I have a full range of bad habits. I don’t do astral travel, I can’t see the colors of the aura, and I don’t control either forces or channels, though I admit that all of these things may exist. I just haven't had any experience with them. I am about as prone to mysticism and esoterics as your average dog. However, for more than 40 years I have been treating people of all kinds of ailments and illnesses, grave at times, which as far as I know still remain incurable by methods of modern medicine, with all due respect to its latest achievements. I do my job never failing to be surprised at how it all works out in the end. I neither radiate nor absorb anything, I don’t fix or correct things – I simply ask God to help. It’s worth mentioning that I follow some simple rules and apply some methods which I’d like to share with the readers of this book so that they could help themselves and their relatives when necessary.

I have a long and eventful life. People who know me can hardly accuse me of telling lies. It is possible to cheat in the city where fraud can be concealed in the sheer multitude of people. That is not the case in the village. Anyone attempting fraud in the village will be exposed in a heartbeat. Mostly due to this fact all real healers and intercessors live in the villages while the greatest magicians and wizards who just pretend to be healers prefer living in the cities.

The only criterion to verify the truth is the reproducible outcome of any undertaken actions. It is this result that can make a person reconsider the correctness of his or her reality perception, adjust it if needed, and try to help themselves and their relatives if properly trained.

In telling you about the healings and the underlying process, my focus is not on my experience, but rather on familiarizing you with a fantastic method that can really cure a person instead of just hiding symptoms of the illness. To be more persuasive I have to support my statements with verifiable data, which only come from my own life experiences. Thus, I won’t conceal the names of people that were my patients. Instead, I will give real names and places wherever possible and safe for the people I’m writing about.

I don’t know about you, but I have never read a single intelligible and reliable book on village healers, so called babkas (Russian: бабка – singular, бабки – plural), who perform a tremendous service by saving many lives and curing disease and suffering. At the same time, they don’t get publicity; they demand neither great attention nor special privileges from either society or state in return. Most people consider their activity to be a myth, fancies of ignorant gullible folks. At best, their activity is regarded as a specific kind of suggestion which helps a person psychologically to recover. The healers have an extremely complicated relationship with the Church, which is still hostile to the healers and their practices. Moreover, the healers’ interaction with all-knowing official medicine is difficult as well, as they tend to embarrass it from time to time. Furthermore, the healers don’t get on very well with government officials who cannot understand how something can happen without their consent and permission. Despite all the changes in the society, healers have been doing their job for hundreds of years calmly and without being noticed, advancing a cause which would have disappeared if it were not of great use to people. It could even be more useful if healers worked together with doctors and if people knew which problems can be and must be solved by faith healing and how to find a proper healer.

Some of the things I have to write about read more like science fiction than examples of medical practice. I am writing about these things not out of a desire to impress someone but because there are a number of people who are very important for me. They have been given a very burdensome Gift along with doubts whether it is a real Gift from Heaven or punishment. I do hope to persuade them that this Gift is to be preserved and nurtured, developed and made available to other people even if doing this exacts a high price.

All of us are born with a greater number of talents and gifts than we can imagine. However, only a few of them get a chance to develop and flourish. Well-intentioned people around us explicitly or implicitly have been persuading us since early childhood that many of the things we feel or conceive of are false, impossible or even bad, that those are mere stupid fancies to get rid off if we want to be a good boy or girl and to be loved. If most people don't develop any special Gifts, then others shouldn’t get to do it either. Therefore, we are shaped in a way others want us to be, thus losing our innate originality. This has always been and will continue to be the case, and there's nothing we can do to prevent others from doing this. However, we can become aware of this, we can feel it, and we can try to go back to our roots, doing our best to learn to distinguish grains of truth from loads of superstitions and prejudices to make the received blessing useful for ourselves and our loved ones. We can do that for sure.