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The book "My Job is a Healer".

In the book you can find:
  • Dozens of  real life cases of healing severely ill patients;
  • Advice on treating a wide range of diseases that can be treated with faith healing, namely: allergy, infertility, psychosis, stomach ulcer, hemorrhoids, asthma, cardiovascular system disorders, gynecological diseases, addictions of different origins and many others;
  • Step-by-step description of practice of faith healing that everybody can master: how to detect and pray over affected organs, make healing water, achieve success in self-healing;
  • Time-proved texts of prayers acknowledged in centuries!

Two press runs of the first book published since 2012 were sold out within several months. This was evidence of the demand for realizing real possibilities of the method, the origin of which dates back to the very dawn of the Slavic community. This method has been denied, banned by church, science and government institutions for centuries. It was preserved to the times we live in exclusively by our village women-healers (we call them babkas), and now it is of use in the cases where, unfortunately, official medicine is helpless. In the book methods and techniques of faith healing relating to the wide range of human organism’s problems and illnesses are described.

Meetings and conversations with readers, workshops and trainings in Kiev, Kharkov, Simferopol, and Poltava raised a lot of important questions that were not covered in the first book. It is of great significance that health care professionals who have a sufficient experience of clinical work and who know possibilities of today’s medicine take an active part in mastering and developing the faith healing method. Novice participants join this creative process of faith healing, bringing their experience and findings, and benefiting those around them. The second book accumulated the most interesting information presented in the first one, supplemented it with the experience of readers and followers of faith healing practices and provided answerers to their main questions.